Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting a Little Sidetracked OR Queen of the Excuses

I was doing really well with the walking... cold weather, snow, rain and all... then I enrolled the girls in Itty Bitty Cheer Camp...

I get off work at 5:00. Their cheer camp lasted until 6:30. That left me with an hour and a half to drive home, change clothes, walk two miles and pick them up on time. The first day of camp (Monday, February 9), I walked the outdoor track at Mountain Veiw High School as that is where the camp was held. I had just enough time to walk two miles and get to the cheer room to pick up the girls. Tuesday, I was babysitting my niece and nephew at 6:30, and had to pick up Valentine's Day crap on my way home from work (note: I despise Valentine's Day altogether... but that's another story). This left me with no time to walk before picking up the girls and sitting the kids. And I was just NOT motivated enough to go walking after getting the girls to bed around 10:00 in the dark, in a park, in the cold and wind... so I bagged it for the night.

Wednesday, February 11, I did weigh myself and I had indeed lost the three pounds I was hoping for! Just think what I could have lost if I hadn't eaten a quart of ice cream Friday night/Saturday morning, and all those chocolate mint truffles my sweetheart keeps buying for me! Wednesday was also the itty bitty cheerleaders' performance. I had to take off work early, pick up the girls from daycare, change their clothes and shoes, do their hair, and get them to the high school by 6:30 to pick up their T-shirts and get them settled in with the real cheerleaders... then an hour of watching a high school basketball game (against the Springville Red Devils - MY alma mater - no less)... half-time performance, picking up fast food on the way home, getting the girls fed, in pajamas and to bed. I reiterate, I was NOT motivated enough to go out and walk that late at night.

Thursday night, I had to help the girls with the Valentine's Day boxes and cards for not only their school classes, but also their daycare classes. ARGGGG!!! I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY! *muttering under my breath "stupid, made-up, card, candy, jewelry and flower-company 'holiday'"* Once again, I bagged the walking.

I don't even remember much of Friday, except I was at work until well after 5:00 and I was EXHAUSTED and coming down with a sore throat. It's just a blur.

Saturday, I had the beginning feeling of strep throat and I didn't do much of anything all day.

Sunday, I started taking antibiotics, could barely talk, had an appointment with my local clergy that took way longer than I thought it would, and then got word from my sister and my dad that my mom had suffered a stroke and was in the hospital. That's definitely another story altogether.

Monday (yesterday), I was stuck at work until 5:40, picked up my youngest at daycare, picked up flowers for my mom, then drove us all to see my mom at the hospital, picked up fast food on the way home again, and was completely exhausted by the time the girls were in bed.

I know what you're thinking... "excuses, excuses, excuses..." And you'd be right. I could have gotten up early and walked in the morning at 6:00, or at least cleaned up my living room floor and done some yoga. But, hey MAN, it's hard on me! :)

I'm sitting my niece and nephew again tonight, but maybe I'll have time to walk before they show up. I'm not promising anything though!

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Kylee and Kevin Ostler said...

Okay first off no these aren't a bunch of excuses, it's called LIFE! Especially with kids it's impossible to make yourself a priority. So, rather than walking at the park, track, whatever could you buy a home aerobics? I'm doing P90x and it works the hell out of me. When I get to busy during the day I have been known to do it with the volume down very low at 10:30pm or later. Hang in there, don't let this week throw you off so much that you give up.