Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Quick Post ~ How Easily Amused am I?

Last weekend, my mom gave my little girls some new clothes. Threaded through the belt loops on Penelope's new jeans was a colorful piece of lightweight fabric. Attached to the fabric was this...


I looked at it and started laughing (the crazy laughter of the insane I'm quite sure)... "I am a Belt ~ I am a Scarf ~ I am a Headband". "NO! - You are a TAG!" :) Then, being the easily-amused person that I am, I proceeded to place the tag where a belt buckle would go on my pants... then place it on the front of my neck... and finally on top of my head... just to illustrate to the TAG that it was most certainly NOT a belt, scarf or headband! And while doing all this, I was thinking that I just HAD to save the TAG and scan it so that I could blog about just how easily amused I am.

Seriously, give me a paperclip and a rubberband and I'll keep myself occupied for hours!


Boy Mom said...

You're to funny! Way to teach that ostentatious tag a lesson!
Thanks for following my blog. Suz told me to check yours out. I love it!

Suz said...

I am afraid of what you would do with duct tape.