Friday, April 3, 2009

Are You Being Emotionally Abused?


Here's a little checklist. If you can answer "Yes" or more appropriately, "Hell, Yes!" to even a couple of these, more than likely you're being emotionally abused. Remember, abuse is NOT about anger management, or short temper, or being beaten... it's about CONTROL... plain and simple.

Emotional Abuse Checklist

*Are you required to get permission to see or go out with your friends/family?

*Are there certain topics you fear discussing with him unless he's in a "good mood"?

*Does he tell you that no one except him would ever want you or put up with you?

*Does he accuse you of cheating on him when you are gone to run errands, work, etc.?

*Does he make threats to harm himself if you leave him?

*Does he open your mail, go through your purse, or rifle through your things?

*Does he control the finances and monitor your spending?

*Does he sabotage your efforts to be involved in family or other social events?

*Does he make disparaging comments about the way you dress or look?

*Does he use things you've confided in him against you?

*Are you fearful of returning home later than scheduled?

*Does he negatively compare you to other women?

*Are you nervous about talking on the phone when he's present?

*Does he use kindness or gifts to manipulate you?

*Does he regard your interests and activities trivial or unimportant?

*Do you feel more like you have a "father" than a partner?

*Do you receive the "silent treatment" from him when you want to talk or work things out?

*Does he attempt to turn the children against you?

*Do you feel obligated to have sex with your partner regardless of your desires?

*Are your outside commitments and schedule sabotaged by him?

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